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Outcast Visionary:
Yurii Pavlovich Spegalskii and The Reconstruction of Pskov

Interweawe, Australia, 2016

Yurii Pavlovich Spegal'skii (1909-1969) was among the Soviet Union's most important architectural historians and restorers of ancient architecture in Pskov, one of Russia's oldest and most beautiful cities. A gifted artist and trained architect who narrowly survived the siege of Leningrad, he returned to a devastated Pskov after the war to protect and restore architectural monuments. Fighting to implement his revolutionary project to integrate the city's rich architectural heritage into a modern city through the creation of architectural reserves, he was thwarted at every turn and eventually driven from his native city. The immensely gifted Spegal'skii focused his curiosity, energy and artistic talents on art projects and scholarly publications connected with the passion wich both defined and nurtured him: the cultural and architectural heritage of Pskov.

"Outcast Visionary: Yurii Pavlovich Spegalskii and The Reconstruction of Pskov is a balansed, meticulously researched and respectfulexamination of the life and work of this talented man againstthe backdrop of a turbulent period in the history of Pskov. It is the first comprehensive, critical biography in any language of this outstanding Pskovite. A respectful bow to Dr. Cothren for his work preserving the memories of a complex, by-gone era - 20th century Russia." - From the Foreword by Irina B. Golubeva, Architectural Historian, Chairman, Pskov oblast'branch of the All Russia

"At its heart, Outcast Visionary is a love story written by a man who shares Spegal'skii's passions for Pskov." - From the Preface by Bonnie P. Cothren

ISBN 978-1-68418-216-9


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